Senior Care

Older adults who continue to receive professional dental care as part of their overall health care are happier and healthier as they age. Untreated oral disease can complicate other medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Dr. Tischler is very sensitive to the changes in a patient’s ability to provide their own proper oral hygiene. During preventive and maintenance dental appointments Dr. Tischler assesses and monitors conditions that can affect dental health. At CLT Dentistry, our senior patients are always cared for in the most dignified and respectful manner. Dr. Tischler recognizes that repairing and maintaining teeth for both cosmetic reasons as well as for proper nutrition are important to the geriatric patient. He provides dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, periodontal treatments (gum treatments), screens for oral cancer. At CLT Dentistry in Rego Park, Queens, NY night guards for TMJ, bruxing (teeth grinding) , sleep apnea and snoring are fabricated . Dental emergencies are treated promptly. The dental health and care for existing as well as new senior patients continues to be a priority.

Senior and geriatric dental care.
Dr. Craig L. Tischler (CLT) Dentistry.