Dental Care for the Entire Family

Entire Family Dentist

Many families and extended families do not realize how important it is that the entire family see the same dentist. When a family is being treated together by one dental practitioner the experience is more cohesive. Dr. Tischler takes advantage of enhanced insight and knowledge of his patient's individualized and family histories allowing him to provide a more specialized treatment plan. After all, many dental diseases carry a genetic component and caring for family members at different phases of life allows proactive care to family specific dental concerns. Dental education is reinforced with individualized home routines and follow up care, all of which significantly improves when the entire family is all under one roof. By becoming part of CLT Dentistry as a family unit your visits will be convenient with smaller wait times between appointments, less paperwork, fewer individual trips to the dentist, and a more affordable family experience.

Dr. Tischler Specializes in Family Care

As a family man himself, Dr. Tischler understands the need for the entire family to get proper dental care. He understands that people are busy, so he can schedule the family as a block appointment where they can be seen one member after another. Of course individual, single appoints are always available. Each member of the family receives age appropriate dental care. For example, with infants and toddlers he takes the time to create a positive experience and allieve any apprehension while keeping their teeth healthy at such a crucial stage. Young children are treated in a dedicated child friendly exam room where they can feel relaxed and become accustomed to proper dental care. Teenagers get special attention to promote self esteem and confidence by learning about dental health and keeping their teeth whiter, brighter, and properly aligned. Adults enjoy the affordability, comfort and convenience of having all their dental needs and the needs of their entire family expertly performed in one office.

A Convenient and Easy Experience

At CLT Dentistry, getting Entire Family care is easy and hassle free. A simple phone call will put the entire family on track for exceptional dental care. Our office will handle obtaining your patient histories, filling out insurance forms and claims, and prepare you for an excellent dental care experience. We take pride in your smile and will make sure your Entire Family gets the dental care they deserve in a convenient and affordable experience.

Dr. Craig L. Tischler (CLT) Dentistry.