School age children are a special part of Dr Tischler’s practice. At CLT Dentistry, pediatric dental patients through education and professional dental maintenance visits are taught healthy routines regarding proper oral hygiene at home, utilizing brushing, flossing and good nutrition. Dr. Tischler examines and treats the primary or baby teeth as well as the secondary or adult teeth of his pint size patient in a specifically designed, child friendly, treatment room where dental care or as the staff like to refer to it "gentle care" is performed. Dr.Tischler provides preventive dentistry using sealants, fluoride treatments, and custom mouthguards for sports. Emergency dental care for the treatment for lost, chipped or fractured teeth, orthodontic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are performed while making use of the safest and most modern techniques. Coincidently, Dr Tischler’s office is located directly across the street from PS 206, a well known Rego Park, Queens Elementary School.

Dental care for children.
Dr. Craig L. Tischler (CLT) Dentistry.