How can I make an appointment to see Dr Tischler at CLT Dentistry?

Call CLT Dentistry at 718-592-2207 during our regular business hours and one of our staff members will be happy to provide you with a timely appointment to see Dr Tischler. The office is opened 6 days a week Monday through Saturday. If you phone the office after regular business hours we will return your call on the next business day and schedule your appointment.

What are the office hours at CLT Dentistry?

The office is opened Monday - Saturday 6 days a week. We have early morning appointments and late evening appointments available. Many of our patients like to make their dental visits before they are scheduled for work. With our proximity to the trains and buses patients find it convenient to travel to the work place from our office. We pride ourselves on being true to the time of your scheduled appointments as we know your time is valuable. Office Hours

What are my payment options?

At CLT Dentistry, payments can be made by cash, checks, and credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Interest free financing is also available. At CLT Dentistry we offer a senior citizen discount on ALL procedures. If you have questions about your payment options, please call our office at 718-592-2207.

Does CLT Dentistry accept Dental Insurance?

CLT Dentistry accepts most dental plans as full or partial payment. Our knowledgeable front desk staff works closely with your insurance companies. We will process your claim and submit all the documentation necessary to your insurance company. Please be prepared to make any co-payments required by your insurance company at the time of your appointment.

How often should a patient be seen for a routine dental maintenance examination?

A routine dental maintenance exam and checks-ups should be performed at least twice a year, every six months. Depending on an individual’s dental needs patients may need to have dental assessments at different intervals. CLT Dentistry uses digital X-rays and the safest and most modern techniques. Dr Tischler will formulate and discuss a specific follow up plan with you. Regular dental exams and cleanings are essential for maintaining the health of your teeth and gums and to insure a beautiful smile.

Why is having one dentist for the entire family important?

Many families and extended families do not realize how important it is that the entire family see the same dentist. When a family is being treated together by one dental practitioner the experience is more cohesive. Dr. Tischler takes advantage of enhanced insight and knowledge of his patient's individualized and family histories allowing him to provide a more specialized treatment plan. After all, many dental diseases carry a genetic component and caring for family members at different phases of life allows proactive care to family specific dental concerns. Dental education is reinforced with individualized home routines and follow up care, all of which significantly improves when the entire family is all under one roof. By becoming part of CLT Dentistry as a family unit your visits will be convenient with smaller wait times between appointments, less paperwork, fewer individual trips to the dentist, and a more affordable family experience.

What is a dental smile make over?

A Smile Makeover at CLT Dentistry is actually a highly attentive and personalized comprehensive, cosmetic dental experience. Whether you are in need of a major smile overhaul or a minor cosmetic adjustment at CLT Dentistry, Dr Tischler will design a personalized cosmetic treatment plan for you. All phases of restorative and cosmetic dentistry are performed at CLT dentistry. Dr Tischler expertly makes use of porcelain veneers, teeth whitening (Bleaching), dental implants, tooth reshaping, bonding, tooth colored (white) fillings, Snap-on-Smiles, ceramic crowns and bridges to provide his patients with the smile of their dreams. Many patients from Manhattan make the reverse commute to Rego Park, Queens for a Smile Makeover with Dr. Tischler.

Can I get my teeth whitened at CLT Dentistry?

Professional teeth whitening (bleaching) is available at CLT Dentistry that will result in whitened and brightened teeth. Dr Tischler will evaluate your teeth and determine which professional system for teeth whitening will be best to give you the dramatic results you are looking for. Patients leave CLT Dentistry in as little as 1 hour with a bright, youthful, whiter smile. Men, women, teens as well as patients well into their senior years find that whiter teeth not only satisfies their desire to look their personal best every day, at special occasions and at life’s events, but it makes them feel more confident in general. Many patients have reported back to us how they feel that their whitened teeth have opened doors for them during important interviews and in dealings in the business world. Professional teeth whitening is one of the quickest, easiest and most affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures that Dr. Tischler offers.

Does CLT Dentistry provide dental care for school age children?

School age children are a special part of Dr Tischler’s practice. At CLT Dentistry, pediatric dental patients through education and professional dental maintenance visits are taught healthy routines regarding proper oral hygiene at home, utilizing brushing, flossing and good nutrition. Dr. Tischler examines and treats the primary or baby teeth as well as the secondary or adult teeth of his pint size patient in a specifically designed, child friendly, treatment room where dental care or as the staff like to refer to it "gentle care" is performed. Dr.Tischler provides preventive dentistry using sealants, fluoride treatments, and custom mouthguards for sports. Emergency dental care for the treatment for lost, chipped or fractured teeth, orthodontic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are performed while making use of the safest and most modern techniques. Coincidently, Dr Tischler’s office is located directly across the street from PS 206, a well know Rego Park, Queens Elementary School.

Does CLT Dentistry provide dental care for teenagers?

At CLT Denistry, Dr. Tischler and his staff do everything in their power to help this unique group of very independent patients, their parents and the dentist become a team. His goal for these teenage dental patients is to ensure proper dental hygiene and a life time of good oral health. Dr. Tischler has found that teenagers with nice healthy smiles often project an air of self confidence and high self-esteem when interacting with others. Sometimes a simple procedure like teeth whitening (Bleaching) can make a huge difference for a teen.. Education, prevention, routine maintenance, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic dentistry and emergency dental care are just of a few areas emphasized to these patients on the road to adulthood.

Does CLT Dentistry provide dental care for Senior Citizens?

Older adults who continue to receive professional dental care as part of their overall health care are happier and healthier as they age. Untreated oral disease can complicate other medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Dr. Tischler is very sensitive to the changes in a patient’s ability to provide their own proper oral hygiene. During preventive and maintenance dental appointments Dr. Tischler assesses and monitors conditions that can affect dental health. At CLT Dentistry, our senior patients are always cared for in the most dignified and respectful manner. Dr. Tischler recognizes that repairing and maintaining teeth for both cosmetic reasons as well as for proper nutrition are important to the geriatric patient. He provides denatal implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, periodontal treatments (gum treatments), screens for oral cancer. At CLT Dentistry in Rego Park, Queens, NY night guards for TMJ, bruxing (teeth grinding) , sleep apnea and snoring are fabricated . Dental emergencies are treated promptly. The dental health and care for existing as well as new senior patients continues to be a priority.

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